Carpenter Shop

The Carpenter Shop

Little Mansions Designs Specializes in custom tables, doors, and toyboxes.  Here are a few items we have made.  To see more, or to purchase please visit our Etsy Shop

This giant table was made of reclaimed fir.  The outer edges have slate chalkboards framed into the wood, reclaimed from local highschools.  The middle has a giant stained glass window with a menorah in the middle of it.   The glass was taken from a local church destroyed in an earthquake.  The windows were made by the Povey brothers in 1907, and were considered the "Tiffany's" of their time. The table will be wired and LED lights placed around the window to illuminate it.  A thick piece of glass protects the window and allows the entire table to be able to be used for entertaining, and food.

It is 5' wide and 8' long.

The above table was made from church pews that were planed flat.  It can seat 14 when fully extended and has multiple layers of polyurethane to protect it from the abuses of a busy family.

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