Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Table Made from wood sourced from the Packard building renovation

You can check this table out on etsy.com.  Just look for schuancarpenter.  It is built from wood reclaimed from the Packard building on 12th and Pike in Seattle.  I'm hoping to get an order for a full-sized dining table before this wood runs out.  It is almost 3" thick, old growth fir with the perfect number of "beauty marks" from decades of seasoning.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cold Frames and Planter Boxes!

Start Planning for Spring With...
4X8 Planter Boxes
Fir Planter Box$100
Cedar Planter Box$130

Cold Frames Made of Reclaimed Windows
Add to Existing Planter Box:$120
Planter Box with Cold Frame:$200
Cedar Planter Box with Cold Frame:$250

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The First Little Mansion

This was the inspiration for Little Mansions Designs.  In 2007 we quickly realized we needed a community space as well as a separate space for my wife's violin studio.  After building this Tudor-style studio in our back yard people kept telling me I should make my design skills into a business.  So, here it is now---the exterior pictures of our studio.

My Wife and I each had a requirement.  Her's was that it have all leaded glass reclaimed windows.  mine was that it have a tower....neither requirement made construction easy, but when we were done it was all worth it.

The Interior space is completely open.  Weyerhaueser engineered a large beam in the middle of the building that allowed it to be one big open space with high vaulted ceilings.  I will put interior pics in  another post.