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Little Mansions Designs
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  1. Hello. Love your designs. We live in Ocean Shores-will your designs withstand the Pacific NW beach community weather?
    Can we give you the dimensions we would like it to be?
    Do you use toxic free paints, thinners and varnishes, etc. that are environmentally and human friendly?

    1. Hi, thanks for contacting me. My structures are very sturdy. Since everything is custom, we can also always modify a design or change materials to better suit your climate.

      Yes, you can give me the basic dimensions. I also like to have pictures of the site and nearby buildings so I can better understand how it will fit into the surroundings.

      I can use a large array of water based, green/nontoxic finishes. Of course part of the way i achieve my "cute" look is to use reclaimed windows, many from the 1920's and 30's. When using reclaimed windows, there is always the chance that the window has had paint with toxic materials applied at some point. There are other options--we can use newer windows. Although removing the old paint from the windows is very costly, we could always consider painting the old windows or sealing the old paint in with a water-based varnish....

      Please feel free to call me or email me: 206-228-2748 or


  2. I know you put up a new site but it will not allow me to go to it. Is it down for some reason?