Friday, August 3, 2012

Prototype Drawings

By the end of August we will have 2 lines of studios/greenhouses that can be shipped.

The first is a shipable version of the greenhouses and studios we have already built. It will be shipped in panels ready to assemble.

The second will be a mostly-polycarbonate model. The aim on this line will be to keep Little Mansions Designs' creative look while keeping construction and shipping costs down. You will have the option of choosing several different roof designs, door designs, and side panel designs. We can make curved roofs, round doors, gothic windows...all with wood and dual walled polycarbonate panels.

For those who like these options but also like the reclaimed window look...we can design the front around reclaimed doors and windows.

I am currently taking orders for these. For the next 6 months these greenhouses/studios will be completely custom.

Below is some of the first drawings. More are to come!

Schuan Carpenter

Little Mansions Designs
"Spaces for Community, Work, and Life"


  1. I live in Texas, so I am so excited you will have a version that can be shipped. I will keep checking back to see what I need to do to get one.

  2. I will keep you in the loop. I"m sending one to LA this week and meeting it on the other side to make sure it arrived in one piece. I'm sending one to Pensylvania 2 weeks after that. If all goes well with these two, I will be ready to start shipping. If you are interested and would like to start working on a design, you can email me at Thanks and keep gardening---I spent 3 wonderful years in TX!