Monday, August 20, 2012

The First Studio has Successfully Shipped

STUDIOS, greenhouses and sheds, can now be shipped anywhere in the US or Canada!
Our experiment to see if you can ship a studio or greenhouse has been a success! This one went to Thousand Oaks, CA. I met it on the other end and put it together. It arrived in perfect shape and went together like a charm.

The freight shippers were amazing. Although we learned a thing or two about how to package these, I learned from this that the glass is actually safer in a freight trailer than in the back of my own vehicle.

Although I won't be able to meet every greenhouse I ship, I am now confident that we can build a structure that is reasonably easy to assemble on the other end.

Schuan Carpenter
Little Mansions Designs
"Spaces for Community, Work, and Life"

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